Quick Updates!

Hey guys :)  Hope everybody have been doing good...but as you've noticed, Linda Chung Thoughts is a bit outdated :P  That is because I've been a bit busy lately...so have not been updating as much.  Thanks to Ginny for posting the preview mv of "You're My Other Half" for me though ;)  And if you've been updated with the chatbox, Kim Ng had also been updating us with news too!  So check the chatbox if you don't see new updates :P lols  I'll be back to my normal postings soon!
Now let's get some quick updates down!
- Blissful Ferris Wheel (幸福摩天輪) have been changed to "Missing You"
- "Missing You" will air after Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles so watch out for it!
- "LoveLoveLove"'s official release is on Nov.13/2012!!! OMG! It's coming so soon....!!!

- "You're My Other Half" FULL MV
We got the lyrics translation here ;)

My thoughts? Not surprise that they're airing "Missing You" so soon, but I am personally looking forward to it! Think that the storyline have the potential to create something meaningful :)

Oh as for the album! OMG again! Releasing 10 days earlier than expected! :D As for the mv...totally loving it! I personally like these kind of mv's (with a story-ish execution) more than just the singers singing....if that made any sense :P Why did this remind me of how Bosco also died in Witness Insecurity? :P So sad....

Okies! That is all! Have a great week everybody :)

EDIT:  ALMOST FORGOT THE NEW BANNER!!!!  Hope you guys like it ;)