[News] Linda Chung Chooses a "Boyfriend" on the Spot at Autograph Session

Yesterday Linda Chung appeared in a short skirt at the shopping mall for her new album Love Love Love's autograph session. There were about 200 fans at the scene. It was rumored Linda is heavily favored by her record company Star Shine's boss Herman Ho. Yesterday Herman supported her at the event too and generously took pictures together. On stage, Linda thanked her boss for giving her the opportunity to release this album. She is grateful that he understands her vocals.

This is Linda's 4th album and she frankly said this is her favorite one because the songs relate closest to life. She hopes fans will understand her inner thoughts after listening to her new songs. At the event, Linda played games with the fans. Three male fans took turns using their own tactics to confess their love for Linda, and Linda had to choose who she liked the most. She said: "I like the guy who was shy, but still had some courage. The other two were very sweet too." Then Linda fed a female fan, but accidentally got some sauce on her shirt, she quickly helped the fan wipe it off with a tissue. Fans gave Linda DIY cards and wristbands. She said she was very touched, but she didn't want fans to see her tear up, so she tried hard to hold them in.

When asked if rumored boyfriend Philip Ng supported her new album? She said he did and so did her colleagues, fans and her parents in Canada.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net