TVB's 2012 Gala Show

No words can describe how happy I was to see Linda and Ruco sing together xD  Lols literally in fangirl mode right now....I am having their clip on repeat!!!

Thoughts on Linda's outfit:
Dressing in a more conservative matter than the others, I still personally like Linda's dress alot! I especially like how the collar of the dress was all fancy (stands out) while the rest of the dress were in two simple colors. The belt and the design of how the rest of the dress were layered is also something I liked. Along with her hair and lipstick color, she had on a very classic look.

Linda got another dress for her performance with Ruco :) Hehe both of them looks fabulous! lols I was all excited seeing them perform together x)

Even though a different dress, the style is still somewhat similar and overall, I also like it very much. It would be more preferable if the dress was a one piece though.