[Pics] Weekend with Linda, Kenneth, Ruco and Sonija in Vancouver! - DAY 1

A big shout out to by super awesome friend, who spent 6 WHOLE HOURS transferring all these pictures from her camera into dropbox for me (if it was me, I'd given up on the first hour).  Though I only managed to edit 2/3 of them so yah...Anyways, once again many thanks to Jess for sharing these pictures with us!  Also thanks to her parents for taking all these pictures from...the third floor (quite a long way down haha) :D btw...this is only the first batch, so be on the look out for more pictures later!

ALSO, if you have not seen on twitter already, be sure to check out Didar's FB page for more clips and pics of the event: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=366312360155768&__user=100005789824942

Hmmm..maybe you guys can guess where we are in the crowd? :P