[News] Linda Chung Unable to Answer When Asked About Marriage Partner


Linda Chung was shooting an advertisement with Slim Beauty when she revealed that she just recently returned from South Korea. There, Linda recorded a traveling show with 2 fans. They helped her with the itinerary and gave her many surprises. Linda said that it was a very memorable trip, one that she will always remember.

When asked what are the memorable moments her boyfriend has given her, Linda explained that the men she dated before has always been very practical. They were not too romantic. So even the most romantic moment she remember is simply walking on the beach and watching the sunset. Linda does not mind though and said that if she is with the person she loves, even the simplest things are memorable. It is not too hard to satisfy her or to make her happy. Just being able to take a nice picture with her partner would already make her very happy. Following that statement she was asked whether she'll take pictures of herself naked? That is not going to happen.

Speaking about what Linda would like her boyfriend to be like, she commented that it would be great if he knows how to play an instrument. He can then play and sing to her. So does her boyfriend often do that for her? Linda awkwardly replied that she does not know.

As for marriages, Linda mentioned that she is not a materialistic girl but there must be a wedding ring. The diamond size is something she have not think of yet. In the end, the most important thing is that he loves her! So have she found a marriage candidate yet?   Linda was unable to answer.  Any proposal yet? Linda said that she only wants to focus on her career right now.

It is said that Elanne Kong will be leaving their music, Stars Shine International, when her contract expire. Rumours has it that it is partly because she's unhappy with the company's favouritism towards Linda. Linda expresses that the rumours are quite unfair to her; whether a singer leaves or does not release a new song is not up to her. More so, she and Elanne are good friends. Aside from Elanne, there have been other singers such as Joyce Cheng and Alfred Hui, whose names have been dragged into rumours similar to this. Linda does not know how to compete against others, she just knows that she have to work hard.  As to whether her boss is particularly bias towards her or not, Linda expresses that he treats her very well but it is not exactly favouritism. She herself worked hard to get where she is today and will even hold a concert in August.

Source: On.cc
Vietnamese Translation by Longan@http://forum.dienanh.net
English Translation by Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com/

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