Linda's Weibo Updates - August 2013

Viet Trans: LinadChungVn
Translation: Lynne@

August 14
Linda: Thursday and Friday next week will be my Lovelovelove concert! In return for all the support, I want to sincerely invite one male fan to sing "愛是..." with me onstage. If you think your Rap is good and want to perform with me, quickly record a Rap of "愛是..." and upload it onto Youtube then email it to See you at the LOVELOVELOVE Concert!!

Lynne: OMG this is very exciting news!!!!!

August 12
Linda: Countdown from 10 days...lovelovelove concert! In an excited mood!

August 8
Linda: Today not breathing well. Too many things to worry *sigh*

Linda: New day and new challenges begin. Relax and enjoy! HOPE for the best is yet to come!

August 3
Linda: I want to introduce you guys to a new friend: NaiNai. From now on she'll be sleeping with me :)

Linda: Please support our signature postcards. All money will be donated to organizations of doctors without borders. Can help victims and the poor who needs help around the world.