[News] Linda Chung Claims Herself as Bosco Wong's "Big Wife"

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Yesterday Bosco Wong and Linda CHung attended a hotel ribbon cutting ceremony. Linda appeared in a low-cut red evening dress, showing her career line. She said: "I don't think its that sexy! I was a little frightened by your reactions and I thought I had something dirty on my dress." Bosco laughed: "Ok, its normal! She has the material and can look sexy. It is just on her, whether she wants to show it." Linda expressed sexiness is not her specialty, even her concert costumes aren't too sexy looking. The most she shows is her shoulders.

Linda and Bosco as an on-screen couple in Moonlight Resonance and Witness Insecurity has left deep impressions on audience. Yesterday Linda stuck to Bosco and "questioned" how far up in the rank she is among all Bosco's on-screen pairings? Bosco joked: "Well you are definitely in the top few ranks. You make it sound like I have so many, just as long as everyone likes it. I anticipate to collaborate with Linda on another series." Linda laughed: "In terms of on-screen couples, I should be the 'Big Wife'!" She laughed and said she likes on-screen couples, she wants to collaborate with even more people and create different on-screen couple sparks.

Linda is holding a concert this month, while Bosco is opening a new restaurant. The two expressed they will support each other. He said: "She invited me to be a guest performer, I will definitely accommodate! When my restaurant opens, I'll treat her a meal, she can help me do the tasting and can cook herself."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net