[News] Linda Chung Kicks Off Debut "Love Love Love" Concert with Tears


Linda Chung's debut two-show concert LINDA CHUNG LOVE LOVE LOVE CONCERT kicked off at the KITEC on August 22nd. Many good friends from the industry sent her flower baskets to congratulate her, but rumored boyfriend Philip Ng was no where at sight. Linda disclosed he will be supporting her tomorrow night's show. Good friends Grace Wong, Shirley Yeung, Nancy Sit, Jinny Ng, Alfred Hui, Chris Lai and William Chak were there to support her.

Linda was extremely nervous during the opening performance. She started the concert off with One Person Dinner (一人晚餐) and was a slightly off-key, but fortunately she was able to settle in later on. She performed an all new re-arranged fast version of Silly Girl (傻女) and rapped the song Love Is (愛是) with fans. Linda invited good friend Janice Vidal to duet Even If the World Had No Fairy Tale (就算世界無童話) with her. The girls were hand-in-hand for the performance, then Linda praised Janice for being a great person. When they first met, Janice was the one who took initiative to greet her. Janice joked: "Because you knew how to speak English."

Throughout the night, Linda changed into several different outfits, showing off her slim waist. Linda played Friend Love Is That Simple (友愛是這麼簡單) on the piano as she sang the song. After she finished, she shouted emotionally: "I finally played it. I promised myself I wouldn't cry." However, after she made that comment, tears came flowing down, she smiled: "Oh no, the [tears] really came out. I still have another show tomorrow night." During the encore, Linda saw her enthusiastic fans and started crying emotionally again. After the show, she expressed she's still feeling emotional and that she didn't choose the song Tomorrow I Want To Marry You because of rumored boyfriend Philip nor did she give Philip a front row seat. "I don't want to be unfair. Many other artists are sitting a little further away because I wanted the fans who actually bought tickets to sit closer."

Linda expressed she has a timid personality and that its a miracle she entered showbiz and became an artist. This time, holding her very own concert was a huge challenge to her, Linda only gave herself a score of 60. When speaking of her conservative concert costumes, Linda laughed: "Dancing is a breakthrough for me. If I have to look sexier, I probably won't be able to control myself. Perhaps next time when I have another show and have more confidence on myself, I could be a little sexier."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net