[News/Clip] Linda Chung Voices Gorilla Then Loses Voice


Caption: Linda first time voicing, resulted her voice to crack.

Artistes, Linda Chung and Bob Lam, are voicing for the upcoming movie “Mr. Go” (Originates from South Korea)! Linda expresses that voicing is very fun but to voice it can be very tricky because she is very nervous and puts too much emotion in voicing scenes; resulting her voice to crack. She finds it quite humorous that she would crack. When voicing she says “gorilla language” is much easier compared to Cantonese and after a few practices, she successfully finished. Bob is usually skilled when it comes to speaking but since it’s his first time voicing, he admitted that voicing is very difficult. After two days of intense recording, Bob also started to lose his voice. The job was only successful from warmhearted co-workers giving him cough drops. For scenes where he is suppose to be in pain he would pinch himself to get a better effect, and was bruised all over because of it!

Source: On.CC
Translated by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

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