[News] Linda Chung Prepared to become TV Queen: "I'm Ready!"

"Sorry, am I really late? Sorry! My previous interview went over!" Linda Chung's interview with FACE was scheduled at 6:30pm, but she was half an hour late. Upset? Of course not! Watching Linda Chung rush into the studio with her luggage and hearing her sincere apology, all the anger disappeared.

We know Linda Chung has been in the industry for 9 years and the "BB" still hasn't learned the pace of an average Hong Konger. She still speaks slowly, explains and explains again because she feared the reporter would misunderstand what she meant.

Fortunately, a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice will always be superior, everyone listens to her attentively. Petals were used to accompany Linda in the photo shoot. Linda asked: "Is the title today, 'Linda Chung Isn't Just a Pretty Face'?" We told her there are only petals, "Well its 'Linda Chung Will No Longer Be Just a Pretty Face'!" Yes, how can a petal become TV Queen? Is the 29 year old television actress ready to become TV Queen? Linda answered: "I'm Ready!"

Showbiz Rescued Me

Linda once said: "Many people think I'm well behaved and very genuine, but actually I'm just stupid, like a piece of rice!"

"Luckily I entered this industry, actually this industry rescued me! Before, I was a coward, a very shy girl with no self-confidence. Also in Vancouver, my life was usually at home, but after I entered the industry I was able to see the flowery world and I started becoming more positive and gained self-confidence. I realized I do have talent in singing or acting. More importantly, this industry helped me to be less autistic."

Linda grew up in Canada, she came to Hong Kong and have been living independently for 9 years. Even Linda noticed she changed, but she modestly said: "I still have a lot of weaknesses to work on. My weakness is I'm impatient, but not impatient to get promoted, rather I want everything to be done fast. Also, I'm so much in a hurry, I just answer questions without thinking and my answers aren't smooth enough. I just blurt things out without thinking." She is correct, in the past Linda did not know about the ways of the world.

In 2004, Linda gave up her dream on becoming a teacher after studying in university for two years and came back to Hong Kong to participate in Miss Chinese International Pageant. She said: "If I didn't enter the industry, I'll probably be teaching with two other best friends, who are teachers. What will I teach? Mm....I should be teaching English or biology! Actually I've thought of becoming a nurse before, but after my brother's accident one time and I saw so much blood, although nurses have meaningful jobs, but I lost my appetite when I got home. I couldn't eat the foods I usually enjoy eating, so I thought nevermind about being a nurse."

TV Queen Is About Fate

Linda has already launched three albums in the past years, and this August she held her first solo concert and Kelly Chen was her guest performer!

In Brother's Keeper Linda plays Rachel, who frequently shouts "Oh, My Gal". Linda portrays the role like she's actually Rachel. You have to know she was born in 1984, and has never been to HK until 2004. How was she able to get into character? She said: "Actually I came before in 1990! I watched TVB series when I was young. I really think the series set in the 90s are really good to watch. I also really like the heavy make up, high rise pants and the shoulder pads of that time. I think its very hot and the 90s really has deep feelings. My romance with Ruco Chan in the series spanned 18 years, that faithfulness got me very into character. My role goes from age 18 to 50, I put in quite of bit of hard work into it and had to ask my mother for suggestions!"

Linda speaks very slowly, but its unbelievable she changes clothing as fast as a model. She pulls the curtains and within 5 seconds, she's already done. In the studio, Linda started singing continuously like a bird. She first started with The Jewels in the Palace, then to Flowery World and other songs that she can't remember the names to. She sang some classics from the 80s until she forgot the lyrics, but she still continued singing some random lyrics. She then went to ask the photographer how to sing the songs, and the photographer opened his 'golden mouth' for Linda. "I sing like that when I'm home by myself too!"

The TVB Anniversary Awards is coming around the corner, this year she's a popular pick for TV Queen. Good friends Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu have said they supported Linda this year. If she does get the award, will she be afraid her secrets may leak? She said: "Many friends and the media are helping me think. I really haven't thought about it myself! Until that day, its will come quick. Just in a blink of an eye and its that day. Well, regardless if I have a chance or not, I don't mind. The most important is I enjoy the process of filming and get to participate in great productions. I always think I'll be really happy if I get an award that night, but that night does not represent my hard work. My hard work is in the 9 years I've been in the industry! But I have confidence in the role, so this year I will have to see if there is fate to get that award or not! I'm ready to get it, and will just have to see how the night goes!"

Rescued the Whole Family Too

Linda was once a pure piece of rice, but after 9 years, she learned to become a Hong Konger. That day during the interview, Linda shouted in her sweet tone some of the Cantonese rough phrases, like "Lo See Fat" and "Dai Lap Lo".

When speaking of Linda's family, it turns out in the last 9 years, her whole family changed because of her. "My relationship with family had always been good, but after I entered the industry, my relationship with family improved three-folds. Its scary! In the past my parents were over protective, I would have report to them what I did on a daily basis. When I go back to Canada, I have to tell them everything, but now they've learned to not ask me as many questions and have trust in me. When I left for HK, they learned to let go and I like them giving me space. My elder brother used to very much of a big man, but when I was leaving home, he ran over to me, embraced me and cried like a woman. My elder sister is a strong sister who protects me. She's like the big sister in the triad, but after I left home, she writes letters to me and shares her thoughts. This type of separation, many do not understand, but its only after being separated, that they start to cherish the person. So, I think leaving Canada not only rescued me, but also my family."

Source: FACE Magazine, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net