[News/Pics] Brother's Keeper Finale Dinner


Ruco Chan Fails on Proposing to Linda Chung, Picks Her Up Instead

Last night Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Ankie Belkie, Louis Yuen and Kristal Tin attended TVB series Brother's Keeper finale dinner event. The cast watched the two episode finale with the audience. Edwin's rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho was the MC of the night, thus the two became the center of attention. As for the "love triangle" Ruco, Linda and Ankie, they were not embarrassed at all as they linked arms to take pictures. Later, the three of them were back at their seats, Linda and Ruco were seen chatting nonstop.

Edwin joked thanking TVB for the arrangement [of the MC], he praised Gigi's beauty and talent. Asked if they're rapidly developing their relationship? Edwin appeared embarrassed as sweat came dripping down: "We're good friends. (Like family?) Hahaha!" As for Ruco's constant rumors lately, there were even rumors that he's a "brokeback"? Edwin expressed fortunately he didn't have any rumors and stressed that his career is his priority. Gigi jumped in and said focusing on career is a good thing, clearly supporting her 'boyfriend'. The two continued complimenting each other. Edwin got himself a bakery endorsement because of this series, but surprisingly Gigi mistakenly said she's also apart of this series, when she really wasn't. She said: "We had so many pasties to eat while filming this series. The only one I didn't get to try was the gingerbread. Maybe it was all sold out." Reporters asked Edwin if he had ordered wedding pastries before? He laughed: "Nobody uses gingerbread for weddings. Gingerbread is more for postpartum period, when you have a baby, I'll give some to you!"

During the voting part of the event, Ruco knelt down and asked Linda if she would marry him, but too bad Linda rejected him. Ruco immediately got off his knees and picked Linda up, it was a very funny moment. In the series, the scene where Ruco was in jail, apparently there was an iPhone seen in his pocket. Ruco expressed its been too long, he can't remember, but disclosed he forgot to zip up his pants during filming. As for the "brokeback" rumors, Edwin stressed he only likes women. Linda disclosed lately the paparazzi had been following her too much, but fortunately the people on the streets were kind enough to tell her. Asked if her boyfriend Philip Ng had complained about it? She changed the subject: "Not bad! I can spend more time at home to study the script. Can't even go on vacation."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net