[News/Pics] 大藥坊 (The Great Pharmacist) Costume Fitting

Thoughts: Finally a NON-modern series!!!  Haha I think it'll be refreshing for Linda :)

Linda Chung New Love Interest? "He Went Down to Pick Me Up"

Yesterday Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Shirley Yeung and Natalie Tong attended the costume fitting of TVB new series The Great Pharmacist (tentative). After Brother's Keeper Linda and Ruco were rumored, and now that their portraying a couple again in this series, they appeared awkward. Linda explained: "Ruco and I chatted in the makeup room. (Has he started pursuing you?) You all ask him! After all, I hope we'll have a great collaboration."

All along, Linda Chung had claimed "work is my priority", but last night [Good News] spotted Linda with a 6-feet tall gentleman entering a factory building. Yesterday at the costume fititng of her new series, she was asked whether this 6-feet gentleman is her new love interest? Linda didn't want to disclose who that gentleman was. She exclaimed: "I'm so scared! I'm scared of a ghost!" Reporters gave the [Good News] headline to her, Linda laughed: "How is he 6 feet?" She explained that gentleman is costume designer, that day they were going into the building for costume tryout, but she did notice there were reporters following them. She hoped to have some privacy as she gets into the car, so she asked the costume designer to pick her up.

Ruco expressed he does not feel awkward seeing Linda. Asked if he's worried he won't be able to pull himself out of character? He said: "This is different from Brother's Keeper, my role's background is very realistic, so don't need to get so into character. (Are you pursuing Linda?) Nope! We've been filming together for several months and we know very well there's no romantic feelings." This time, Ruco and Linda are a couple again, but will be involved in a love square with Raymond Wong and Natalie Tong. Because the plot is refreshing, Ruco is not afraid the audience might get bored of watching him and Linda as a couple again.

It was said Linda's role is a copy of popular Korean drama Jewels in the Palace? Linda said: "There is only a slight similarity in my role's personality, she's good-hearted, has perseverance and a never giving up spirit. My role is a Chinese pharmacist, the most challenging part is remembering all the Chinese medicine names."

It was reported TVB intends to promote Linda to become their new music label "Star Dreams" Big Sister, but the only condition is to stop all the rumors. Linda said: "I didn't hear about that rumor. Its definitely made up. I've worked with Herman Ho for so long, he treats everyone equally. I believe he'll bring this spirit to TVB."

Shirley Yeung Finally "Unfrozen"

Shirley had been frozen for 4 years. This time, she's finally unfrozen and participates in this series as a mistress. She said: "Its been 4 years since I've been in a series, I feel pleased and excited. I've always liked filming series." Asked if she'll have any bold scenes? Shirley said: "I'm not sure, but I'm not afraid of those scenes. If I'm afraid of everything, then there won't be anything to do. Also with the limitations on TV, nothing to worry about."

Shirley disclosed her daughter doesn't have much hair, so she had a hairstylist shave all her daughter's hair off in hope she'll grow new hair. Asked whether Shirley is worried she won't have time to spend with her daughter? She said: "My mother is helping out, I'm not worried at all. I will balance my time."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net