[Pics/News] 2013 Sales Presentation Ceremony

Thoughts: What did you guys think of Linda's dress?  Contrary to many other, I actually quite like the dress.  It gives off a very cozy feeling of Autumn and I thought Linda's hairstyle matched quite well with the dress.  Maybe I'm a bit odd but I also really like the gloves she wore lols.  

Nearly 200 Artists' Attend TVB Programme Presentation 2014

Last night Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Wayne Lai and nearly 200 artists attended the TVB Programme Presentation 2014 show. There were several rumored couples gathered together in one place including the former 'love triangle' Kevin, Charmaine and Niki and ex-couple Bosco and Myolie. Niki's boyfriend Jeremy Jones 'met' Kevin for the first time. Although Kevin and Charmaine were a pair on the red carpet, during the group picture they had zero interaction. Instead, Kevin chatted with Linda Chung more, while Charmaine chatted with Moses. As for Niki, she stood far from Kevin and Charmaine, and instead linked arms with Myolie's ex Bosco.

Later, Niki disclosed Kevin did greet her. Asked if they'll feel awkward portraying a couple again in the future? She said: "Its just work, can't choose the people. I don't mind working with him, but I need to know what the couple has to do." Asked what if Charmaine Sheh is added into the series? Niki paused for a moment and said: "That interesting?" Charmaine expressed during the rehearsal, she did chat with Kevin and does not understand why there would be awkwardness. When speaking of Niki being at the show too? Charmaine said: "Yeah, there's a lot of people. (Did you chat with Niki?) I've chatted with many colleagues, we're all friends. I don't even remember who I chatted with." Kevin said there is no awkwardness at these events: "When you're at that age, you have some history, its not a big deal." Linda and Charmaine were dressed the most conservative. Myolie had a large "knife cut" across her chest, quite enticing.

Next year TVB will be producing 16 series and 14 variety shows. Wayne Lai and Ron Ng had the most series, each had 3 series; Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu and Raymond Wong each had 2 series; Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Linda Chung each had 2 series; Kristal Tin, Eliza Sam and Samantha Ko are the heavily promoted artists and each got 2 series. Kenneth Ma had no series. TVB Programme Presentation 2014 will be broadcast on November 30th.

Source: Oriental Daily, Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums