A Time of Love in KOREA - Synopsis, Trailers, Official Screencaps

Thoughts: Haha it's obvious, me being a Linda fan, that I'm looking forward to the story in Korea the most!!  I'm totally hook onto the song sang by Linda right now (as well as the other songs) and is so excited to see her onscreen with Yeun Jung Hoon.  They look quite cute together in the trailers.

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A TIME OF LOVE IN KOREA [Broadcast: February 9, 2014]
Theme: Happiness
Starring: Linda Chung, Yeon Jung Hoon

Synopsis: Korean illustrator KING (Yeon Jung Hoon) is not only an artist, but also works part-time as a Korean tutor. One time, a gorgeously dressed girl from Hong Kong LINDA (Linda Chung) hired him to teach her Korean because she and her boyfriend were preparing to move to Korea. During her lessons, LINDA's arrogant attitude made KING dislike her, but in order to make a living KING continued to be her teacher. However as time goes by, KING's impression on LINDA began to change and he discovered the cute side of her. At the same time, KING also found out about the secret between LINDA and her boyfriend...(aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/)

OFFICIAL SCRENCAPS (credit http://starphoto.joinbbs.net)