[News/Promotional Event] "A Time Of Love" Mini Movie Premiere Event

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Yeon Jung Hoon, James Wen, Chris Tong, 6 Wing, Wong Cho Lam, Ben Wong and Ikehata Reina attended the premiere of TVB mini movie A Time Of Love. Kate and James are in the Malaysia chapter, Kate expressed she had great chemistry with James while they rehearsed the script and looks forward to their next collaboration. Asked if they had any memorable moments? James smiled and said it was very tiring because they were filming 8-12 hours each day which consumed a lot of his physical strength. Kate expressed there was a scene where she got her memory back and went sobbing to the train station to find James, she said: "That day we had to wait for the last train departure before we could start filming, so if I missed it, I would have to wait until the next day. For this scene, I had to be crying while banging on the train. I remember scaring the real passengers."

In the trailer of the Singapore chapter, Charmaine was seen opening fire with a gun, but she later explained because the scene was about how she broke up with her boyfriend and she imagined killing him, so it was a little exaggerated. Kenneth added: "When I got the script, I thought this was a romantic film, but now I don't know how it turned into a suspenseful film? But the story is actually quite interesting."

Chris Tong finds Kenneth Tall, Skinny & Attractive

Chris Tong will be involved in a love triangle with Kenneth and Charmaine. She praised her two co-stars with fluent Cantonese. She expressed the two are her idols, but she recalled when she first met Charmaine, she was really scared: "Because Charmaine is a Big Sister, and since she's my love rival in the series, she was really rude and had a murderous expression. Of course, she isn't rude/mean in real life though, it is just I felt pressure working with her. I thought Kenneth added a lot of his own style into the character, it feels very comfortable working with him. He's very cute." There was one scene Chris shook hands with Kenneth, she said he gave her a hard handshake. "I even told him not to use so much strength because my fatty parts will start moving. (He's the seun poon in HK, did he electrify you?) Well in Asia, he's considered a seun poon too. In person, he's really tall, skinny and attractive. (Do you want this seun poon?) Haha, he's a seun poon. I don't think I'll get my turn." Chris expressed she has a long time boyfriend, who is not in the industry.

Linda Addresses Yeon Jung Hoon Intimately "Fun Fun"

Linda and Korean actor Yeon Jung Hoon are in the Korea chapter. Linda disclosed on stage when she first arrived in Korea, she immediately went out to dinner with Yeon and crew to get to know them more. At the dinner, she found out their language barrier vanished because Yeon knew English. Linda even addressed Yeon as "Fun Fun" (part of his Chinese name), the MC teased and asked whether Yeon liked Hong Kong girls? Linda responded for him: "He already has a very beautiful wife."

Linda expressed she learned the professional spirit from the Korean artists and praised their acting is very natural. There were many scenes they completed in one take. Asked if she learned Korean too? Linda laughed: "I learned a curse word, it is a vulgar way to describe a bad person. (Yeon taught you?) No, that scene was about me yelling to vent out my anger."

When speaking of Linda addressing Yeon as "Fun Fun", does Yeon know what she said? Linda asked Yeon the same question in English, he expressed it felt very good and familiar because Koreans usually address one another by their full names. Asked whether his wife had any jealousy that Linda BB is addressing him so intimately? Yeon laughed: "No, my wife is open and not that sensitive. Koreans have a lot of respect for their seniors and strong views on social class, therefore they don't address one another too close, so this feels quite refreshing." Linda expressed the most intimate scene she had with Yeon was when she fed him fishballs and when they went ice skating romantically.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net