[News/function] Linda Chung Mysterious Loss of $3500, Two "Boyfriends" Comfort Her

Thoughts: Finally some news on Linda, even though it's quite unfortunate that she lost her money :/

(Ruco's caption (made up): Who dares to mess with my 'girlfriend'? // Philip's caption (made up): Dare bully my LindaBB...did you ask my fist first?)

Recently Linda Chung has been busy filming TVB new series The Great Pharmacist with Ruco Chan. Earlier during the Lunar New Year, Linda went to the ATM to withdraw HK$6,000 to prepare to treat everyone pizza, but after she paid for the bill she discovered a mysterious loss of money. Last night, she was carefully dressed for a Welcoming the Year of the Horse event along with the other guest performers Ron Ng and Becky Lee. When speaking of the mysterious loss, Linda explained: "That day bought everyone pizza and the bill came out to be some HK$2,000, then I didn't really use much money in the next few days, but one day when I was paying at the supermarket, I opened my wallet and discovered there was only $150 left!"

Linda was still puzzled as she continued: "I suspected someone stole it, but then again I'm not sure if it was just me being clumsy and dropped it. After all, my wallet is always placed in this work box that I carry around. (Didn't call the police?) At the time, I was still filming outdoors, Just have to treat it as a loss to prevent a disaster. Its a lesson learned. (Did you think a colleague might be the culprit?) No, I wasn't unhappy either, I just told myself to be more careful next time. Of course I should be responsible for my own things and should not go and doubt others. From now on, I'll give my valuables to my assistant to take care of."

As Linda's boyfriend, Philip Ng, accepted a telephone interview and expressed: "She told me before. I asked her to look carefully first. If she can't find it, then that's okay too because she can earn it all back later. (Buy her a gift to cheer her up?) Not necessary, actually Linda is a careful person. She is responsible for everything she does." As for Linda's co-star from The Great Pharmacist and rumored boyfriend, Ruco Chan, he expressed: "I didn't know! Not sure. (Tell her to be more careful?) She has an assistant! Actually I sometimes leave my wallet on the TVB minibus too, I should be more careful myself. Its hard to get back the money you lost. Just have to treat it as a loss to prevent a disaster. (Worried a colleague might be a thief?) No, I have confidence in my colleagues' personal integrity. Lately I have been named the 'King of Forgetting' because I'm always forgetting where I put things. I think its time I hire an assistant myself."

Ron Ng Hasn't Been on Vacation for 10 Years

Ron Ng was very well welcomed at the event, he disclosed to the media that he just got back from a trip to Malaysia and had a great vacation with friends. Asked if any of the friends he went with have possibilities of developing their relationship further? He said: "No, they are all friends I've known for many years. This time, I went on a vacation with friends and family to recharge. Its been 10 years since I've officially gone on vacation." Becky Lee had just completed her first solo concert, and disclosed she will work even harder to earn extra income from stage performances. She also claimed she's still single: "I'm working hard to save up for my 'single lady' savings, so I can buy myself a 'single lady' house."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianunivese.net