LoveLoveLove Concert 2013 - Video Clips PART 2 (Duets)

While checking up on the old posts of Linda's LoveLoveLove Concert, most clips were deleted from youtube and so I decided to upload some of them up again. Aside from the youtube videos that are directly linked from their original uploader, I 'backed' them up onto blogger as well (that way if the youtube ones were to be deleted, the videos won't be lost).

Kelly Chen's Speech with Linda (video credit c Kwok)
Kelly: Aw, stop crying. I didn’t do much this success is all because of your efforts.
Linda: Thank you!
Kelly: This entire thing is all your efforts, silly girl.
Linda: I’m really happy.
Kelly: Linda BB don’t cry, mommy will give you a kiss.

Kelly: In the past, once we arrive as the judges for the beauty pageant; we would first go to the press conference and all of you beautiful contestants would be on stage. And before we could even take a nice look at you beautiful ladies, the paparazzi would come and ask us “Who do you like?”, “Who do you have in mind?” I knew this was going to happen, so at first I took a good look. Then all of a sudden “ding” the spotlight shines on Linda BB. It’s so obvious isn’t it? And that’s when they said your name, and hasn’t that name help you along your way?

Linda: It honestly helped me a lot.

Kelly: Obviously with my 0.99 of a second when you caught my attention, it proved to me that got a great eye. But with all the success you have now was all done by yourself, don’t you agree? I mean look at all this effort put into it and attitude of wanting to improve yourself everyday right? And most importantly talent; thank you very much.

Translation by Wendy@
***The Translation above is not of the video below (it was a video on scoop that have been deleted off youtube already), but it did translate what Kelly said to Linda.

誰願放手 ft Kelly Chen (video credit FrenchBull Jess)

愛是 ft MC Tim (video credit garfield Peggy)

就算世界無童話 ft Janice Vidal (video credit FrenchBull Jess)