Linda Chung Thoughts is Looking for Help!

First of, YAY I'M BACK! Secondly...I need HELP! As you guys are probably aware, with my studies and everything, Linda Chung Thoughts is more than what I can handle at the moment. I really don't want to give up on the site though, so this is why I'm hoping to look for some people to give me a hand. So if you think you can, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email :)


News Tracker: By checking sites such as Asianuniverse and Jaynestars, you'll be transferring those news to Linda Chung Thoughts.

Blogging off Interests: Anything you'd like to share?  Examples: Ginny's "My Favorite Linda Characters" and Audrey's "Witness Insecurity Ending Write-Up", Han's "Linda's 2012 Tvb Series - Review by Han"

You can talk about Linda's dramas, fashion....anything Linda Re-lated.  Email me if you're interested!

Translators (AUDIO): I give you a clip (maybe from an interview etc) and you give me a basic summary of what's happening in there.
Apply with:
1) Name
2) A summary of what Linda said about her filming experience:

Translators (WRITING): (Most of our translators have retired, so we are really in need of translators!)
Apply with:
1) Name
2) A translation of this article: (a few paragraphs taken from an old article...)




Translating can be a hard job and time-consuming, so please keep that mind when you are applying.
You will be expected to translate things such as news articles, magazines, interviews etc