Raymond Lam ready to tie the knot? With whom?


Was just browsing the web for news and stuff... and stumbled this vid of raymond lam in singapore sometime in early december for the promotion of his desire tour. found his expression pretty cute and thought i'd snap a screen shot of it(:

Anyways, in the video he is asked by a reporter if he would ever get married (he having turned 31 in early december) and his fans also hoped that he would get married soon.

Thoughts: I quite like the Rayda pairing, and think they realllly look good together too (in Bioessence and stuff when they have shots together). Their rumours started about 2-3 years ago, and they even acted together in Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance too. Linda's pretty and cute while Raymond's 'man' and funny, so I think they would make quite a good pair(: even if they're not going out together now, I guess being friends would be good too... I mean, why avoid all the guys just because the media's after her? (: Although I'm not for propagating the rumours about them two, I think that media artistes would lead even happier lives if they were to let themselves go and make whatever friends they like, whether they're of the same or opposite sex. I mean, even if the media was to find about it, they would let it rest after things died down, right? (: Anyways, hope that Linda finds happiness in her own way I guess, and Raymond's expression is realllly cute at this precise moment!(: Wonder what/who he's thinking of....

And I believe that if your eyeball rolls to the top left hand corner of the eye, it indicates some sort of visual recollection. If his eyeball rolls towards the middle left; auditory, and towards the bottom left; emotional recollection. As we can see, his eyes dominantly roll towards the left, indicating recollection, but as we cannot see (because his eyes are just too squinty), the vertical direction (up, middle, or down)... >.<>

Posted by Bell @ Linda Thoughts