Linda's TVB Blog Update 19/12/10 (English Translation)

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Title: Accepting the reality with head bowed

In the new drama , my family includes Sonija Kwok, Michael Miu, Him Law (Law Chung Hin), Leung Lik Wai, Wong Chi Man and Lui Wan Yan and we live in a small flat of about 700 squared metres. I am a clever and good girl and am Ron Ng’s lover in the drama. The plot of the drama is very realistic, in reality many families also face such problems. The character I am portraying in this drama will go through many trials, and when acting I will get very uptight and emotional. So each day before I go to work, I will muster up all the emotions from previous scenes, and act with different people using the same emotions. This character really poses to me a great challenge!

In order to hide from my creditors who were chasing me to return the debt she had owed, I do so by acting as if I was not myself (in the drama).

Ron Ng and I play the market (margin) and thus owed people money. As a result, we had to flee hurriedly.

In the drama, Ron Ng and I get to the stage of talking about marriage and familial ties, and this is when problems occur in our relationship. In the end, can each of us survive on our own? Watch it to find out!

Translated by bell@linda thoughts

Thoughts: This is really almost word-for-word in the article translated earlier (you can see it here)
My best guess is that Linda got a soft copy from the interviewer and changed the wording to first-person terms! Alternatively, she could have just typed it out herself O.o which would have taken at least ten times as long..... >.<