2011 Sales Presentaion

"Mahjong Flying Southeast"

Thoughts: Kenneth pairing up with Linda!!! I really do hope they film this series (though I think quite unlikely?) I love all the couples so much, all looks really sweet. Of course there's also Yuen Wah!! It would be great to see him again xD This kinda reminds me of Best Bet....revolves around gambling-ish. Wanted to see more of Linda's character though.....

《点解阿 Sir系阿 Sir》 Yes Sir, No Sir

Thoughts: LOVE all the main leads!!! Linda's character looks quiet cool in here. A new side for her to portray! Wonder if she's going to end up with Ron or Moses? Haha, I am a bit bias towards TaRo....so I do want them to end up together =3 I also really liked Moses and Linda together in Heart of Greed, so would like to see them together again xD

credits hklove.org