Twilight Investigation Ep.1 (part1)

Linda is a small model that works in the company that Wong Hei is currently investigating (on a case about adultery). Linda appears to be quite upset and kept on texting while ignoring all the people around her. When she got of the car, she asked Wong Hei how to text something....

*Haha, I found it funny when Linda said 'gwing' and Wong Hei just asked his assistant what is 'gwing' on the phone =)*
*Gwing = a facial description to describe one's mood* (credits hyn5)

Linda was talking on the phone with someone when she suddenly yelled out (screaming at the guy in the phone) right in front of everybody! She told him that she wanted to break up!

*Haha, Linda was so cute!!! Love her expression when she saw that everybody was staring at her!! xD It was also funny how she kept on moving her head while on the phone, and the hairdresser couldn't do anything!*

Embarrassingly, Linda's dress fell of while on stage!! (Did not expect it to be that soon!!)

Everybody in the company went to the bar to party. There, her boyfriend phoned her and told her to meet him outside. Linda got a few drinks and went to look for him. It appears that she was mad at him because he cheated on her. After having an argument, Linda drove of in his car xP Because she was upset.....Linda drove at top speed!! She sped through the highway and that could only result in one thing.....a crash.

*Linda was adorable when she made the face at her boyfriend!! Haha, it is so cute! But honestly....not a good idea to drive when you're drunk or unhappy. It can really affect you! Not only can you hurt yourself, but there are also others and even the ones around you. Be safe or you might regret it.*