Linda Chung Earns Money to Move to a 1000-squared-metres house (English Translation)

Linda Chung Earns Enough Money to Move to a Larger House

Working day and night, busy bee Linda Chung has only one goal in mind: to move from a small flat to a big one, from a 600 squared metre flat with only 2 rooms. Linda remarks, "Even so, one is a 'store room' for clothes and fans' gifts, to a 100-squared-metre flat in Kowloon, as the space in the store room is limited and the room is getting too cluttered, especially when my mum come to visit me from Vancouver and I have to stay temporarily in the store room."

Interviewer: But now the prices for houses is very high!
Linda: I'm only living on my own, and I don't really take much notice of the market price for houses, I only know that it's about time to move house!

Buying a house is one of the most important things, and thus Linda Chung, being called a 'humble race', has to earn extra money outside of her TVB job and currently films advertisements for branded clothes, earning a 6-digit income from that alone. Although she has to try on nearly 30 sets of clothes, taking photoshoots from morning to night, she has not a word of discontentment or resentment; no wonder she becomes the 'baby' of the commercial, making a lot of money. She remarks, "Today the advertisements were not considered tiring, the most unforgettable time was taking photos outside for the scenery of the great outdoors, cycling under the sweltering heat and even almost feeling slightly faint."

Apart from filming and doing photoshoots for advertisements, Linda also has to film for the new drama , with work lining up for her to do all the way till the middle of next year. Maybe the work is too closely arranged, this Wednesday (December 22nd), Linda was supposed to film for , but because of a stomach flu, she was unable to film the series. It looks like apart from earning money, Linda also has to watch her health.
Left: Upon entering the media industry, Linda Chung has been maintaining the 'Jade Girl' image, becoming the 'precious baby' for commercials. With a large workload, she has recently been earning 6-digit income from being a spokesperson for a clothes brand.
On the day of filming of the commercial, the accessories alone numbered at least 50, causing Linda Chung to have recollections of being in pageants in the past.
Linda, being a clothes brand's spokesperson for the first time, appears with nearly 30 hairstyles in the commercials, and constantly changes hairstyles during filming, causing her to feel tired and having to close her eyes regularly for a break.

Right: The supposed Hong Kong version of (a mainland Chinese drama aired in 2009) , talks about a few lead characters being troubled over the affairs of lodging. Linda Chung and Ron Ng who act as lovers in the drama work hard for the production of this drama daily.
Also acting in this drama, Michael Miu reveals that when he was young, he also lived with his mother in a wooden house, experiencing the hardship of having no proper place to live.
Most of the cast were working on this Wednesday, and Linda Chung originally had a role in the filming of that scene, but due to her stomach flu, was absent.

Translated by Bell @ Linda Thoughts