River of Wine Trailer 2


Narrator: "True affection emerges".

Ngo Ka Nin: "The thing that Father didn't want me to do most...."

Ngo Ka Nin: "I didn't kill anyone!"

Ngo Ka Nin: "Did everything...."

Bowie Lam: "You're not insulting me. You're insulting yourself!"

Ngo Ka Nin: "It's really quite sad to have you as a big brother".

Narrator: "Affection is like wine...the older the better".

Sunny Chan: "I, Leung Ching Hong, must brew the best wine in all of Jiujiang!"

Ngo Ka Nin: "I will behave and grow up to share big brother's burden".

Bowie Lam: "Mom, slowly eat".

Sunny Chan: "I feel at ease now that I see that you're all right, big brother".

Narrator: "'River of Wine'. August 29th @ 8:30pm".

Credits Hyn5