[News] Linda Chung Has Confidence In Getting The Tv Queen Award

Artist Linda Chung has just completed filming for a tissue paper commercial (Zenses), is recently busy filming [Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon], and will be carrying on filming for [Lucky Father] afterwards. When asked about Linda being a hot favourite for this year's TVB TV Queen Award, she laughed and said, "Thanks a lot to everyone, I have confidence too. However, awards are not the most important things that matters to me." (Who do you think is your greatest competitor?) "I am filming [Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon] with Myolie Wu now, I think she is very professional, and is very ready to achieve good results, I have confidence in her."

Asked about the relationship between Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Florinda Ho (何超雲), Linda said, “Congrats to Joel, I have worked with him during the filming of [Virtues Of Harmony II], and I know he is a good guy.”

Credits: Oriental Daily
translated by Joshick@linda.ca