[Radio Show] "Hello.Thank You" on MyFM

《Admin》The radio play of "Hello.Thank You" will air on MyFM soon; the details are as below:

15 August (Monday) till 19 August (Friday)
Time: 12 noon; 10.10 pm (repeat)
The complete version will air on 20 August (Saturday) at 5 pm.

credits HaloMusicMalaysia@youtube

Thoughts: Can anybody tell me more on this? Is this just a interview? Or is it like a story on radio, in which Linda have a character? :D Love Linda talking in english xD

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  1. Here's the English Translation:

    How many people would you brush past in your whole lifetime? And to how many strangers would you say 'how are you'?
    Linda: Hi Melvin, nice to meet you.
    There are some people who at that moment that you wanted to say 'thank you' to, have already silently by surely left the scene.
    Melvin: Under un-prearranged circumstances, I felt that we had something in common. It was that we were both really afraid of loneliness.

    It's just a promotional video saying that Melvin and Linda will be featured in a radio 'idol drama' on MyFM... I'm guessing there will be some sort of a plot, but there's no saying that she would definitely have some sort of 'role' or 'character', though... :/