Next Magazine Vol.1118 Fighting To Replace Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu And Linda Chung Vie For Top Place

After TVB fadan Charmaine Sheh left for the mainland, Linda Chung and Myolie Wu, who both have a chance to come out top, immediately prepared themselves. In the new drama [Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon], the two of them fight mercilessly without any thought to their prior close sister-like relationship over a man. In reality, it is the same: it's a dog-eat-dog world.

It is understood that recently Linda and Myolie who are both under Neway records company as well, both devised ingenious plans targeted at TVB's senior personnel, in order to have a part to play in singing the theme song for the drama. However, in order that neither of the "biological daughters" of the company get hurt or angry, TVB decided to allow The Voice to take over. When 2 parties fight, it is the third that reaps the benefits!

Each Making their own Moves

Last Monday (1 Aug), Myolie Wu and Linda Chung were both at TVB City Ancient Scenes Street to wrap up the filming for [Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon]. On the surface, it seemed like a whole group of artistes happily celebrating the male lead, Bobby Auyeung's birthday. Myolie Wu, who acted as Bobby's wife in the drama, bought a cake for her husband, and kissed her husband as a birthday blessing. However, in the 3 hours that they were working and filming for the drama, Myolie and Linda hardly had a word for each other, even when they were standing around as Bobby cut the cake, they purposely stood apart from each other, and did not glance at each other.

"Myolie and Linda have had very few conflicts with each other as yet, this time as they collaborate on this drama, they didn't even fight over roles, but instead both fight to sing the theme song for the drama. Myolie earlier also regularly went to look for Virginia Lok, Linda also constantly told the Director that she took an interest (in singing the theme song). Both of them are "biological daughters" to the company, it would be a big deal if either of them were to sing it. Therefore, TVB finally decided to let a singer from [The Voice] sing the theme song, to prevent them from fighting to the death. However, they both know that the other party has made an effort to get the job, and feel uncomfortable with it, alot of the time they do not interact much with each other during work." One of the TVB employees with a role to play in the filming of the drama expressed.

Paving the Way for TV Queen

Neither having a role in it all, they part ways! Myolie Wu, who feels as if that chapter has ended, went back to filming with Johnnie To a day earlier. Having waited a year for the finale of the movie [Life Without Principles], she sped over from filming her drama at Tseung Kwan O to To Kwa Wan for work, with boundless reserves of energy throughout. Right after finishing the scene where she and her husband scream at each other, she laughs again, and speaks amiably with him.

"Myolie and Linda have a chance to fight for TV Queen this year, so both of them have been putting their best foot forward. Myolie has accepted the task of filming 3 dramas in the coming half-year, and did not apply for leave at all. Linda's health is only so-so, and earlier she was often sick. About getting TV Queen, many factors have to be considered as well." An insider commented.

Neither Party Giving Way

Although Myolie Wu and Linda Chung have taken different paths, but in order to successfully become the top fadan, other than being able to do their job, they need to also help the company earn money.

Scans credits Linda Gardens
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage