Hot Fun Gods - Louis disguised as Miss Koo

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***Linda's part start at 00:11:13***

Linda's response to Louis as Miss Koo (weibo): 我見到好多fans的留言很想念我發微薄。 hello, 最近真的好忙。 忙到summer福祿壽都看不到。 送你們一張翻版Miss Koo的照片!! haha! He's hilarious, but gotta admit Good job祥仔!! u bring so much joy to ppls lives, and can't believe u fit into my outfit:)

Thoughts: lols Have no idea what Louis was saying....but I laughed anyways xD Btw does anybody know if I can find the eng sub for this? I really want to know what they were talking about xD


  1. I had no idea where is English sub but I can tell you what they said =D :

    Moses : Carman
    Louis : You read wrong my name again,I'm not Carman,I'm Kah Man.
    Louis : I want to see your real face,I want to see your real face.Do I know you ?What type of person are you actually ?
    Moses : Carman,sorry.
    Louis : How many times I told you,I don't know English !Please continue,move on please.I had heard many rumors but I don't believe.I want to you answer to you like Chan Yan Mei.(Moses nooded)Is it because you like her beauty body ?(Moses nooded)Had you think when she wear shirt ?(Moses nooded)Had you think to help her to put sun cream ?(Moses nooded)I had think before,don't want to say.I want to ask you,you keep don't want to attend 變身男女Chok Chok Chok is it because you don't like the director,you don't like Ng Wing Mei,you don't like Yuen Siu Cheung.(Moses nooded)
    Moses : I am....wouldn't lie to you anymore.
    Louis : Go away,go away !I don't want to see you anymore !
    Louis : Why the door cannot pull open ?Actually it is push.
    Louis : Ah Mo,congratulations.Now,every advertisements also you act only.You like to drink cafe you drink la.Now,cake advertise also you become.Also,you got a lots of hair,why you want to become hair advertise ?You look mopre to Au Yeung Chun Wah la.Also bank,credit card,coupon also you wouldn't let go.
    Moses : if I say 10thousands time sorry also useless but I really don't want to see you like this !
    Louis : You don't want to see me like this then like this ?(showing her piss)or like this ?
    Moses : You must love yourself.
    Louis : You still say ?Everyone you like also beutiful ladies.Ah Sheh,Aimee,eveyone also thin one !You don't like me fat ?
    Moses : I know now I shouldn't say like this but later you will understand.
    Louis : Go away,I wouldn't want to see you again.Go away.If youu look at me again I'll confirm that your nose will come out blood.3,2,1.Really ?Why,why ?Why I will be like Yuen Siu Cheung ?

  2. San San you're awesome!!! Thanks so much for the translation <3 Haha really glad to know what they were saying! thanks =D

  3. No problem,and I'm not awesome...I just do what I can =>