[news] Charmaine Sheh supports Linda Chung & Myolie Wu for this year's TV Queen

Although Charmaine Sheh is no longer under TVB's management, lately she still has been busy shooting for her new series 4 In Love with them. The other night at Sai Yeung Choi street in Mong Kok, Charmaine was shooting outdoor scenes near a large building with Florence Kwok and 13 other Extras. A majority of the Extras were foreigners, it turns out that the scene is about Charmaine's role as an international celebrity shooting a Sci-Fi Hollywood film, therefore she had a white wig on. Charmaine said: "Everything seems blurry with white contact lenses on, so it's quite difficult."

When speaking of the TVB Anniversary Awards at the end of the year, audience are starting to pay more attention to the possible candidates for TV King and Queen. Charmaine was asked who she has in mind? She said frankly: "Don't need to ask me about TV King, of course I choose Laughing Gor Michael Tse, we are friends all the way, support him! I know Lives of Omission is getting good ratings, having to choose is truly difficult for us. (How about TV Queen?) Yes Sir, Sorry Sir's Linda Chung and The Rippling Blossom's Myolie Wu aren't bad choices. (Do you have confidence for yourself?) Honestly I may not even be there because I may not be able to attend. In September I have to be in Mainland to shoot for a new TV series Legend of the Yuan Founder."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: Charmaine's wig reminded me of Lady Gaga :D