[News] Linda Chung Supports Philip Ng: Not Urinating on Street, Just Praying!

A few nights ago, [Good News] spotted Linda Chung's rumored boyfriend Philip Ng in Central with Taiwanese artist VanNess Wu. The two went to a few bars to drink and came out with blushes on their faces, unexpectedly Philip had to use the restroom and because it was late, there wasn't many people around. He sneaked to a corner near a building and took a piss right there and then. VanNess watched his back to cover up for him.

Philip accepted an interview over the phone yesterday and responded to the misunderstanding. He explained he was just praying, "Actually it is the angle problem, VanNess and I are both Christians, next time I won't put my hands in such an awkward position."

Yesterday Linda Chung attended FoodRepublic's event with Bosco Wong and Christine Kuo. When asked about [Good News] photographing Philip Ng urinating on the street, Linda laughed out loud and couldn't stop. She supported her 'boyfriend': "Impossible, he would not do such thing. He wouldn't just urinate on the street! I know VanNess was next to him at the time, VanNess is a dovout Christian and once they come together, they pray. He must've been praying."

Sitting next to Linda, Bosco also couldn't help it and smiled in secret, which them resulted in reporters bringing up his rumors. Earlier Bosco was spotted with Mainland actress Wei Qi, it was said they were at a hotel for 4 hours. Bosco said: "We went for a drink after attending an event. There was a table full of people, I wasn't staying in the same hotel as her, how would we be together for 4 hours? It is all fake." He frankly expressed he does not want to talk about relationships now. Kenneth Ma joked before that having many rumors is a good thing, so there could be more jobs. Bosco said: "Give him all the rumors then, I don't need rumors right now." Christine Kuo expressed she did not want people to know her because of rumors. Reporters said she looks chubbier, she frankly expressed: "A little! But I won't lose too much weight, women too slim does not look good. It's good with some curves."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

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  1. Through the picture it look so real just like what they said, yeah right Philip Ng is praying at that corner,he must ran out of excuses. Her image have passed into his behavior, slow down is the better way and so far not looking good for her ( in TVB) like @ FILMART 2013 on 2nd day did not see her (or maybe later) and the most attended (Fadan...)a fans of her always wish her all the best, hope that she will keep her ...coz (just me) a bit change.... by her interview...end negative thoughts and be more positive (all comments post with her name...)
    Oh , I agree love watching Linda singing at the functions more than during awards/tv variety shows... it's because she's surrounded by lesser people and more fans,comfort feeling without nerve-wrecking...I am liking her live performances more and more...