[News] Linda Chung Filming "Tiger Cubs" Sequel in June

Linda Chung: "By August, the series should be done filming. The opportunity to film 'Tiger Cubs' is very hard to come by. Also, it is a very big challenge because I never collaborated with Joe Ma before, and the SDU genre is very refreshing for me. I am a sporty girl. I am very good at playing basketball and volleyball; however, because I play many good girl characters in series, people forget that Linda Chung is actually the sporty type. (Jessica Hsuan turned down the sequel. Would there be pressure to take over for her?) No. Unless the character is exactly the same as the one that she portrayed. However, I believe that I would be playing a different character. Can give me more creative development".

Credits: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca

Thoughts: In all honestly, never imagined that Linda, out of all the fadans, would be the one to join the cast of Tiger Cubs 2!!! It isn't like the type of series that tvb usually gives her! So this is VERY exciting!!! Time for a breakthrough role? :D YES!!!