[Clips] Love Love Love Autograph Session 03/10/13

Personally love the first clip alot, the fans singing along with Linda...haha although it's the same in the second clip, the first one just felt more harmonize (Linda and the fans).  Oh, also maybe because I like the song in the first one more too :P  Anyways, quite sweet.  Linda looks energetic after her break.  My favourite part of the all is in the first clip at 0:53 secs.  Linda was trying to immerse her emotions into the song but the fans sudden out burst (singing along with her) caused her to laugh.  Super cute and sweet!!  Hehe right?!?

Maybe it's just me, but I personally like hearing Linda singing at the functions more than during awards/tv variety shows and such.  Maybe it's because she's surrounded by lesser people and more fans, it's a bit nerve-wrecking?  

I am liking her live performances more and more....lols maybe to the extent where I prefer it more than the cd versions.  Why?  The atmosphere?  I find that her singing is more lively when she's with her fans :)  haha also the sounds of the fans in the background adds a little special feeling to the song.  Not to men
tion, Linda's live singing has been improving, almost to the point where it's like the recorded versions :D
Videos credits samson36501@youtube