[Magazine] Jessica Code No.126 - Translation

Innocent, busy, polite, and well behaved; the words a lot of girls definitely want to be attributed to.
Linda Chung has been in the industry for 9 years now and this image has not faded. In response to the above and the public's image of her, Linda says she want “to be cruder”. For example when she played the character, Miss Koo, she exceeded many people’s expectations.

True Personality Mistaken

"Maybe it's because of my religion, where certain behaviours are very conservative. In fact, I am not as calm as I am on the outside. I am like how an Aries is depicted; very playful, always rushing, don't really think planning the next steps and often bump into walls. People who are close to me know that I am playful, speak very fast and act quite rough." Linda talks about how her image has been molded; doesn't speak very fast and acting rough are rarely seen, only her frank nature remains. "I don't want to say that I am gentle because it will limit my acting area. That is why I really want to act in an evil role and surprise the audience." Regularly receiving gentle or fragile roles, she does not feel fulfilled: "People feel that I'm too gentle to take on challenging roles, therefore it makes me feel even more determined to prove that I can take on a variety of roles. I am always hoping that I can act in a mentally handicapped role; not the kind in comedy series. I used to volunteer with people who have mental disabilities back in Vancouver, and it was a very memorable experience. That is why I hope to one day, use that experience to incorporate it into my acting."

Ups and Downs in the Entertainment World

Winning the beauty pageant, smoothly stepping into TVB to be an actress and successfully debuted as a singer, Linda Chung's career seems great. To add onto that, she barely have any negative news and possesses a pure image, making her entirely 'safe'. "To be honest, I am very lucky. My career path has been very peaceful without much problem or big 'storms'. Entering the industry I did not know anything but luckily on the set of my first drama, "Virtues of Harmony 2", there were a lot of veterans who helped me out." When she first entered the industry, there some differences (in the cultures) that caused her to be unhappy: "People often teased (joked with) me and I would think that they really meant what they said. But actually, people in Hong Kong like to do that a lot. Even with friends they may not be close to, they can keep on talking. At first I was unhappy. My EQ is not high but after entering the industry, I've trained to become stronger." Linda used to film one series after another until she became sick: "That time I filmed both "The Gem of Life" and "A Journey Called Life" at the same time. This weakened my immune system and countered side effects from the medicine. My health eventually got worse, causing my whole body to itch (rashes), and it took me half a year to recover. But at that time, I would wake up every morning to go to work. In order to cover my rashes, I’d still wear thick clothing during the summer time. All I can depend on was my determination!" On the outside, she seems so cheerful but is strong in the inside. She will not show her weak face in front of others.

A Lucky Path in the Industry

Linda Chung is not like normal people: "I do not like to think much. Whenever a chance comes by, I would just grab onto it. An example would be recording a CD. I never thought of it nor talked to my company about it. But when a recording company asked me to try out my voice, I thought why not? Given the chance, why not treasure it? It is all because of fate that I ended up as a singer. I didn't know what to prepare and really haven't plan what to do with my life." And this is how she entered the industry (singing). "My singing teacher told me; "Linda, take things step by step to build a good foundation." Some people become popular right when they first start off but I know I am not a part of that. I understand that many things can go wrong in the industry and so all those things that you're worked for can easily disappear. Have to grab onto the chances, step by step, and continue to work harder to get better results." Starting out from a beauty pageant and venturing out into Hong Kong all by herself, Linda is often referred to by the public as an obedient girl, but underneath she is a strong and determined individual. She is no longer the little girl from ten years ago, when she entered the industry. "Linda BB" has now grown to be a strong and independent woman.

Dismissing the Title of Being Frugal

Linda Chung is known to be a frugal girl in the industry but that was all an assumption. She says, "Back then an interview stated that I only spend 20 dollars (HK) on a daily basis, which they probably have counted wrong. I also don't have a habit of driving and so therefore, led to the assumption that I am frugal. Actually I am the type that spends money whenever I feel like it, such as shopping! I love to buy shoes and purses, and even when there's little time to go shopping, online shopping becomes quite convenient!" Talking about shopping, it was what all women have in common and Linda Chung is no different.

Scans credits: Kaka@lindagarden
Viet Translation credits: Longan@dienanh.net
English Translation by Jwan&Lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/