[News] Linda Chung to Star in 'Tiger Cubs II' with Joe Ma in June

Joe Ma and his wife attended the Prince Restaurant grand opening evening banquet. He expressed his father's birthday banquet was held at this restaurant and he has a good relationship with this restaurant! In June, Joe will start on TVB new series Tiger Cubs II, but Linda Chung replaces Jessica Hsuan as the female lead. This will be Joe and Linda's first collaboration. Joe praised Linda's good acting and disclosed they'll have a romantic storyline. But, Joe already got a headache just thinking about filming the series in the summer, he said: "When we start filming, we have to wear helmets and many layers of clothing. Every time we film in the summer, it's always a challenge. Well, the hot weather will expose our body figures, so I've been working out to build those muscles. I've got some muscles, but not in the abdomen. I really envy those who have a 6 pack, I need to get some advice from them."

Also at the event, Sharon Chan appeared in 5-inch heels. When speaking of good friends Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong's rumors, Kenneth expressed earlier that he's getting a lot more jobs because of all his recent rumors. Sharon laughed and said Kenneth is making a lot more money off of the rumors than she is, so she wants him to treat her a meal! Queenie Chu jumped in striking a conversation, she joked she wanted to have a rumor of being on bad terms or maybe 'Brokeback' rumors with Sharon. But, Sharon didn't seem to like the idea: "Nobody would believe us! You want my boyfriend to kill me! I'm not as good as Kenneth, I don't have that many handsome guys liking me, but I don't need to rely on these things to make money. I'll just tell my manager to accept more jobs for me."

Meanwhile, Linda Chung just got back from Canada after her month long vacation. Yesterday she attended the autograph session of her album "Love Love Love" at a shopping mall in Sha Tin. Her boss Herman Ho and over a 100 fans were there to support her. On stage, Linda performed two love songs and played games with fans. One male fan came up with flowers and a heart-shaped prop, he knelt down and declared his love for Linda in Korean.

Linda was asked what she did on her vacation? She said: "I went back to Canada and spent time with my family. I went with my mother to Chinatown for grocery shopping and that triggered my childhood memories because I always helped my mom carry the bags when I was young." It was rumored Philip Ng accompanied her to Canada, she clarified: "Not true at all. As far as I know, he's promoting for his new film here in HK."

As for her new series Tiger Cubs II with Joe Ma in June, Linda hoped she can portray a more manly character. She exposed back when she first debuted, she was 19 years old and the first person to say "Hi" to her was Joe Ma. She praised he takes very good care of his juniors.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net