[News/Pics] Construction Industry Safety Award Scheme 03/17/13

Linda Chung Will Consult Philip Ng For Filming Action Scenes

Linda attended the promotional activity for construction safety held by the Radio Television Hong Kong on Sunday. Linda admitted she is a the kind of person who is easily terrified and fears death. Therefore, she is very careful at work. She recalled that she was a lot braver when she first started acting back when she was 19 year old. She was shooting a scene for ‘The Biter Bitten’ in 2005, where she was supposed to swing in circular motion while hanging in mid air . There was no wire assistance or stunt double used for the shooting. Linda performed the stunt herself by holding on to a string with her own strength. She remembered that as a fearful and dangerous experience. However she has never refused to shoot action scenes. Linda will be involved in the new project, 'Tiger Cubs 2' and may consult Philip Ng for advice regarding action scenes when necessary.

Translated by greenb1a@lindachung.ca

Pictures credits WoSoLoo@soloo.mygallery.biz