[News] Linda Chung Fools HK Audience, Many Supports to be Next TV Queen

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The other night, Linda Chung appeared on Johnson Lee's game show Office of Practical Jokes, she started off as the target for the joke, but it was later revealed actually she's the one playing the practical joke. During her act, she had all sorts of emotions, such as severe crying and pretending to faint. She pranked everyone in HK, even the magician Louis Yan, whom the joke was played on, praised Linda's great acting skills.

On episode 3 of Office of Practical Jokes, Johnson Lee and magician Louis Yan supposedly spent a whole month planning a practical joke on Linda. The script had a magic performance with Louis as Linda's instructor. During the process, Louis pretended to fall down and get injured; he made Linda mess up the magic trick and scared her with a hamster, which got her screaming in tears several times. The biggest trick was the "guillotine" magic performance, Linda was the one responsible in pulling the lever, but in the end the blade directly pierced into Johnson's neck, causing him to vomit blood. Linda was so frightened, she completely lost control and started crying severely. She shouted: "He's my boyfriend!"

Louis saw Linda on the floor crying madly and even fainted. He felt bad, thinking the joke went too far and apologized to her. At this time, one of the staff came forward and told him he had just been fooled. Linda immediately got back up and burst into laughter. She then posed happily in front of the cameras with her "V" hand gesture.

The HK audience were no different from Louis, it was like they just work up from a dream. Louis exclaimed: "Linda BB really fooled the whole world this time!" This episode was highly well acclaimed, Netizens praised Linda's great acting and that she can be the next TV Queen.

Linda happily expressed on Weibo: "Sorry! I deceived you guys! Hahaha! This is my first time playing a practical joke on someone. Actually, I was feeling very nervous. I was really scared that I would fail. Thank you Johnson Lee and your TV show. You're my boyfriend!" Film director Patrick Kong greatly praised Linda's acting skills: "Your acting really scared us to death, when are we collaborating again?" Sharon Chan said: "I was worried that you were getting bullied, I cried too! But to my surprise....it turns out you are the Best Actress!" Real Ting also praised Linda's great acting.

G.E.M expressed after watching Linda's amazing performance, she came to two conclusions. "First, I told my company if there is a TV show that wants to play a prank on me, they absolutely cannot agree to it behind my back. I will definitely get a heart attack. Whenever there is Johnson Lee around, I will have to be a 100% aware."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


  1. Yes, Linda's act was amazing cuz when I started watching I cried in dismay and cursed at Johnson. The whole thing was so real..lolz