Linda's Weibo Update 14/10/11

今天拍珠寶店的戲, 看見我很喜歡的 butterfly 戒指。 我找了一段時間, 還不捨得買。 今天開心,覺得應該掌禮自己for this years hard work. 說個秘密比你听啊: 是我第一次買鑽石給自己:) 你們覺得靚嗎?

"Today I filmed a scene in the jewellery shop, and saw the butterfly ring that I really like. I have been looking for it for a very long time now, but can't bear to buy it. Today I am very happy, and I felt that I should reward myself for this year's hard work. I'll tell you a secret: this is the first time I've bought any diamond for myself:) Do you guys think it's pretty?"

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