[News] Lucky Father - Causeway Bay location filming

Last night while shooting the series, Prosperous Father, in Causeway Bay, Steven, Linda and Vivien Yeo went to nearby restaurant at 百德新street to have dinner first. When the two females saw the reporter, they were very excited. Vivien even displayed a v sign to signal to Steven that a reporter was snapping their picture. Around 10 pm, Steven picked up the tab and left with takeout and returned to 德新 street shooting location.

That night's scene had to be shot in city center and attracted a crowd of onlookers, during which there were people nonstop calling out Steven's and Linda's names. Finally, police came to maintain order and told the onlookers to get off the road. When the shot was finished, a group of artists returned to the cast members van but a group of mainland China tourists hollered: "Ma Jun Wei, we are from mainland, can you come out to take pictures with us?" When Steven heard that, he immediately came out from the van to take pictures with them. Also, during that time Linda per onlookers' requests also emerged from van to take pictures with them.

source: ihktv weibo
Translated by Tamaya@Stevenma-fanblog