Linda's Weibo Update 15/10/11

沒一次轉天氣, 我的皮膚就會變得特別過敏, 又乾, 又紅紅腫腫, 不知道敏感甚麼? Luckily, I have Slim Beauty@詩琳美容. 只是幾次的保濕舒緩的facial treatments, 令外加一點中藥就幫助我的皮膚回復正常:) 真要謝謝Slim beauty! 還有, 天氣冷了, 記得wear a scarf ah!!!

"Every time the weather turns cold, my skin would become particularly sensitive, dry, and swollen, and I don't know what I'm allergic to? Luckily, I have Slim Beauty @Slim Beauty. After just a few moisturising facial treatments, and some chinese herbal medicine, my complexion is back to normal I really need to thank Slim Beauty! Also, the weather's colder now, remember to wear a scarf ah!!!"

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