[News] Steven Ma terminates contract, does not want to be TVB King

On November 1st, Steven Ma will be joining the crew for Mainland drama Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder, but before he takes off there are still many issues unsettled. Aside from shooting TVB new series Prosperous Father, he still has to talk to TVB about terminating his contract early. He hopes to settle the issue by next weekend.

The October 28th Deadline

Steven's TVB contract initially expires in June next year, but because there are issues with the work under TVB management, he wants to terminate his contact early. The issue has been troubling for months now. Earlier TVB executive Virgina Lok questioned if Steven was whining before the TVB Anniversary Awards approaches, which makes people wonder if Steven is really 'fussing' for an award.

Yesterday Steven was shooting on the street for Prosperous Father with Linda Chung. Steven clarified he is not terminating his contact because he wants an award and further clarified his position that he doesn't want to be TVB King: "This morning, I discussed my contract termination with TVB. (What do you want TVB to give you?) Whatever it is, I definitely don't want an award, I don't want any awards. (If TVB shows their sincerity and gives the 'TV King' award to you?) No that's ok!" Although both sides are on a deadlock, Steven expressed he hopes TVB can give him new direction before October 28th. He laughed: "This year I don't want TV King, but that does not mean I have no chance to get it!"

Yesterday shooting on location, Steven plays a taxi driver who was held hostage by a criminal and policewoman Linda comes to his rescue. At the time, school was out, so there were many student onlookers and residents surrounding them for autographs. Linda expressed she is very happy that TVB and Big 4 settled the royalty dispute. She hopes to concentrate on singing next year: "Of course this is good news, more singers can come back on TVB and we will have more opportunity to collaborate with them. I can learn more from them too. (Who do you want to collaborate with?) Hins Cheung, Eason Chan!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum