Myolie Wu
Had a series broadcast all throughout the year. The first two series she got great public response and is able to keep up with the popularity.

- The Rippling Blossom (Early 2011)
- Ghetto Justice (Mid 2011)
- Curse of the Royal Harem (Late 2011)

Fala Chen
Her sexy performances in the recent year has made her one of the frontline TVB FaDans. Last year she won 'Best Supporting Actress' for her role in No Regrets. This year she has another opportunity to rise even more.

- Grace Under Fire
- Lives of Omission

Linda Chung
Since her debut 7 years ago, she has been part of the [best actress] nominations every year except for 2009. Last year her Ghost Writer and Can't Buy Me Love had pretty good success. This year, she's back again.

- Yes Sir Sorry Sir
- River of Wine
- Super Snoops (guest star)

Tavia Yeung
Although Tavia's acting has been said to be about the same in every series, but it's the stability that wins. Also, this year she played a good person in all of her series, so she should probably get some sympathy points!

- The Rippling Blossom
- Face to Fate (previously warehoused)
- Yes Sir Sorry Sir
- The Other Truth
- Men with No Shadows

Kate Tsui
When we are talking about the most productions by a TVB FaDan this year, if Kate claims second place, no one will dare to claim first. Also, in every series her performance is quite on par.

- A Great Way to Care (previously warehoused)
- Relic of an Emissary
- Wax and Wane
- Lives of Omission
- Forensics Heroes III

Source: Mingpao Weekly
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum