[News] Linda’s Goal is to buy beautiful watches

Yesterday, Linda Chung was the guest at the opening of a watch shop. She expressed that though she loves wearing watches, she doesn’t collect any designer watches. However, two weeks ago while at a jewellery shop, she saw and fell in love with a butterfly ring and paid more than $10,000 for this prized piece of jewellery. She then smiled and said that she had filmed 5 series this year and that she bought the ring especially to reward herself. She also said that her next target is to be able to buy a beautiful watch.

During the event, Linda and racer Au Yeung Yeuk Hei often communicated in English to each other. Linda was asked if he was her type of guy. She smiled and replied, “He actually comes from Canada too! We are from the same place and speak the same language too. You guys [reporters] are making me blush!”

Source: http://tvbchinesenews.blogspot.com/
Translated by Alanna@LindaThoughts

The butterfly ring Linda mentioned is here: http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/669a6e13jw1dm3pzotiomj.jpg
Beautiful isn't it? :)