Linda's Weibo Update 09/10/11

我的感受也一樣。 這套戲真的拍得很順利, 很開心! 謝謝小青姐安排了那麼好的家人和同事給我。 爸爸, 我習慣了你車我回家, 好像我真爸爸一樣, 下車的時候, 有失落感, 真不捨得! 拍戲真的可以很奇妙:)還有外景, 我們繼續加油吧:)//@樂瞳Cilla:爸爸。。。你偏心我也很不捨得你

@夏雨HK:今天最后一天厂景,烧烤,火锅,小吃,甜品,像是庆工宴。十分开心。 收工最后送女儿嘉欣回家後,那种不舍及失落的感觉又出现。尤其这个剧拍得很开心。多谢合作的同事,又多谢小青姐。

I have similar sentiments. The filming of this drama series was really smooth-sailing, very happy! Thank you Siu Ching Jie for arranging such a nice family and colleagues for me. Dad, I am so used to you driving me back home, just like my real father, and when I get off, I always feel a little sad, I'm not willing to leave! Filming can really be so miraculous For the upcoming outdoor scenes, let's all jiayous
@ Cilia Kung: Dad... You're biased :'( I'm not willing to leave you

@Ha Yu: Today was the last day of filming in the factory. BBQ, hotpot, snacks, desserts, just like a celebratory party. Very happy. After work, I sent my daughter Linda home, and that unwillingness to let go and melancholy reappeared. Especially for this drama, of which the filming was very enjoyable. Thank you colleagues for your cooperation and thank you Siu Ching Jie.

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