[News] Myolie Wu claims she has 'material' on chest area

Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Bobby Au Yeung and the rest of the cast of TVB new series House of Harmony and Vengeance took part in the promotional event yesterday. Myolie was asked why isn't her costume as revealing as the one seen on the poster? Myolie joked and said her costume isn't as sexy as the others: "You know I am someone who has 'material' [on the chest]! But I was too ashamed to ask the crew to make me a low-cut costume." When taking group photos, Myolie suddenly did a split and instantly stole the limelight from Linda. During the interview, Myolie half-joked: "Back then during the dance rehearsals for Strictly Come Dancing, I learned to do the splits from then. While shooting this series, my assistant helped me with the muscle warm-ups every day to practice. In the series, we were pretending to have outstanding dancing skills in hope to deceive viewers. Perhaps my Tang Dynasty costume isn't as sexy as Linda's, but I am still a person with 'material'. I really wanted to dress like the palace maids in Curse of the Golden Flower, but after all the 'push' is useless, so I could only leave Linda responsible [in that area]." As for good friend Kevin Cheng said to have had a 'dark face' (bad attitude) while filming? Myoile supported him: "He has dark skin, but he is serious towards his work. Back then when I was on Strictly Come Dancing with him, he did not smile at all for 3 whole months, so I think there might be some misunderstanding."

Linda Chung smiled and said she wants to be as sexy as the "Golden Armor (黃金甲)", but she fears Bobby Au Yeung might have a nose bleed. When asked if she or Myolie has more 'material'? Linda said: "Same size! Myolie and I are very similar!"

Bobby claimed his role is just like a flower vase because the attention is focused on their female artists' dancing and singing. He even exposed that there were a large group of male artists in the studios next door, often coming to take a 'peek' while they were shooting the dancing scenes, including Raymond Lam. Regarding Myolie's comment that the actresses all had sexy costumes? Bobby disagreed: "They all taped their costumes tightly, even if they bend down, there won't be any exposure. Also, there is the television scale factor, it won't be too over. In the series Linda and the other girls are very hard working, learning and shooting at the same time. As for the ratings, I'm not feeling too pressured."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/