[News] Linda Chung: I thought about dating Raymond Lam before

Why is a Jade Girl a Jade Girl? As TVB's Jade Girl FaDan, Linda Chung has been in the industry for 8 years and only had two rumored boyfriends -- TVB Siu Sang Raymond Lam and martial artist star Philip Ng.

(Linda speaks...)

Back then when Raymond Lam and I were rumored, every newspaper/magazine said the same thing and said we really matched. It was rumored so severely that it felt like [everyone] wanted to force us to be together. Even I had a moment, a thought that flashed through my mind, can I really think about dating Raymond? I really did have that one quick moment of thought! Perhaps its because of filming, I was influenced by Raymond's character, but that was just a moment of thought, it just flashed by! Because I can quickly tell if I have the feeling or not. Why won't it work? I really don't know! Dating is about the feeling, I didn't have feel, how can we date?

A Slow Starter!

Although I did have a thought of dating [Raymond] flash through my mind, but I never told Raymond about this thought. Although I love to talk, but I'm a slow starter, especially back then when I was shooting series. I only had one or two words with everyone. It was just in the recent few years that I started keeping in touch with people. Even if Steven Ma and I collaborated in 4 series together, it was later on that we started chatting more, so how can I tell Raymond? However, I definitely don't have a crush on Raymond, please don't misunderstand. Raymond and I are just colleagues and friends, haha! I understand audience like to see the main actor and actress be together in real life, just like how I really wanted Ekin Cheng and Nnadia Chan to be together back when I watched dramas!

When I turned 25 years old, I already thought "Oh no! I turned into a middle-aged woman! I don't like people calling me middle-aged!" Although this year I'm 28, I am not afraid of being a 'sing lui'! I really want to have my own family too, sometimes my parents tell me to stop focusing so much on work, they would rush me. They tell me to think about myself, get marry and start a family. Even if I'm rumored with Raymond and Philip, my parents won't ask me about the rumors because they clearly know what I'm thinking. I chat with my parents daily, why wouldn't they know if the news are true or false? I know dating is about feelings, but I can't let a moment of thought blind me. Although my parents are anxious and hurried, but they still tell me to be careful.

I'm a strange person. I must be friends with the person for a few years before I consider dating them. Once I start dating, I think about marriage. However, how many guys would want to first be friends with me for two years? But, you cannot rush fate nor will I change my personality. Ten years from now, I really hope I won't have to work in this industry and change to something else. Aside from having a good husband and two babies, I hope my family lives in the house next to me, so we can look after each other! The most important is good health, still looking pretty on the inside and outside, haha! It's not that I don't have interest in this industry, but marriage and starting a family is just another stage in life. People will have to get through different stages in life to grow and improve.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum