Linda's Weibo Update 09/04/12-10/04/12


感謝你們的祝福:) 今年過得很心甜, 很滿足! 又大了一歲, 但是很感恩, 很滿足一直以來神為我人生安排的一切。 今年的生日願望好像很簡單但是很難得到, 就是家人/ 朋友們健健康康, 平安, 每一天都盡量有正能量去生活就好了。 我會珍惜今天和每一天,希望你們都會:)

Thanks you all for the wishes :) This year is very sweet, very satisfied! One year older, but is very grateful, very satisfied with what God has made my life arrangements. This year birthday wishes seems very simple, but difficult to get, which is family/friends to be healthy, peace, everyday have the positive energy to live as much as possible is good. I will treasure today and every day, hope you all will :)

入娛樂圈後,I never knew what to expect. 但是八年已經過了. 我看到感受到不同人對我的愛和關心,真的充心感恩! 我只是一個普通過普通的女孩子。沒想到會有那麼多人愛我錫我。在這兒,謝謝你們!不能逐一答謝,抱歉 I feel so special today:) 「sweet smile on my face」 lovelovelove -L-

Before entered in the entertainment industry, I never knew what to expect. But 8 years have gone past. I see and feel the different people I love and care, really sincerely grateful! I'm just a normal ordinary girl ~ never thought there will be many people who loves me ~ so here, thank you all! Cannot individually thank, sorry I feel so special today:) 「sweet smile on my face」 lovelovelove -L-