[News] Being a "Lady"


"When first came to Hong Kong, I really thought I knew everything, real knowledge to take care of myself. When I was living in the company domitory, mum came to HK to be with me so of course the house will be clean. But when she's gone, I always make a mess! When finished with the plates I just leave it there and same with the rubbish. I left it there for a week and nothing happened so I just carried on leaving it. Two weeks later, the dish is still not washed and there is more or rubbish. But I'm really busy and got no time to take care of!"

"So the plates and the rubbish was left there for a month, the house must be scary! Apart from room, bathroom, living room and kitchen it's really dirty. And raised the house with mosquito, I think there was about 1000 of them! So everytime I come home I always go straight to my room, if there is no need to get out of my room then I wont as I'm scared those mosquito will fly to my room! Seriously, it was smelly and disgusting that I was even scared of cleaning up. At the end my parents had to clean up my house and shouted at me that I was silly! After this incident, I really wouldn't dare to be lazy. Once finished with the plates immediately wash it. Also the rubbish I will empty it, don't want to live with 1000 mosquito!"

"Haha! Everybody don't think I am dirty, it was just because at the start I didn't know how to take care of myself, so there was many interesting things happened. There was a year in my bedroom the air conditioner was leaking, I only knew when I woken up and my leg was really wet as well as the bed! But the owner didn't immediate fix it, so I suffered for a long time at least a month! So I had to use many boxes to take care off it. I thought I could use one box when it's full with water it will drop to another box, it was really funny!"

Translated by Susie-Dang@asianfanatics

Thoughts: Definitely an enjoyable read ;D Haha Linda is so funny!!