[News] Raymond Lam's heart touched by Linda Chung, hopes to collaborate again


Raymond Lam, Michael Miu and Ben Wong were shooting for TVB new series Highs and Lows at a Dai Pai Dong. In the last few years, Raymond primarily portrays professional and gentleman roles, but Raymond reveals his role this time has a very extreme personality and he can let viewers see a bolder side of him. However, to maintain the 'fire' within him, he often speaks loudly and this caused his voice to become slight hoarse.

Earlier ex-rumored girlfriend Linda Chung talked about her 'past relationship' with Raymond in an interview and disclosed back then when they were filming, she was influenced by the public view and had a moment of thought, wondering if she really could date Raymond. In regards to this, Raymond laughed: "That silly girl! This is called being into character! (Did you have the same feeling when you were filming with her?) Yeah, I was thinking to myself, do we really match that much? But we do indeed match quite well! I hope to collaborate with her again soon!"

Raymond expressed without hiding that the on-screen partnership with Linda has left deep impressions on viewers and also the public accepts them. Although in his personal life, he rarely keeps in touch with Linda, but they still have chemistry when acting together. He laughed and said after being in the industry for so many years, he can quickly get out of character and 'forget' Linda.

Also, Michael Miu is involved in many action scenes, but he claimed that he's still young and it is not necessary for him to save up his physical strength for the future shooting of large-scale scenes. He said: "I'm a young man! (The other young men aren't as amazing as you?) It's just Raymond Lam works too hard!"

Ben Wong plays a senior inspector in the series and reveals that there will be a large gun fight scene soon, so he is starting to save up his physical strength. In the series, Ben is often wearing leather clothing, he claims that it's hot: "We are the hot police officers! (Raymond and Ella Koon both were injured during filming?) For this series, we are always wearing suits and leather clothing, and there are so many action scenes. I ran so much that my legs and back got an infection. At first I thought it was just a sprain, but luckily I had antibiotics and it's nothing serious." When speaking of good buddy Kevin Cheng injured during filming? Ben immediately teased that he's just too weak: "So that's why he's shooting literature and art series in Mainland. Leave the action series for me, I am still young and can still handle it."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/