[News] Linda Chung's Wallet Explodes: Buying 1,500 Square-Foot Mansion

Linda Chung attended a commercial awards presentation, where she received the award for 'Most Popular Commercial Queen'. She frankly said that this year is her most fruitful year...the most income of many years. She expressed that she is currently looking for a flat...wants to buy a 1,500-square-foot flat. When mentioned that it would be over ten million dollars, she laughing said that she doesn't know the price and was still in the process of dreaming and saving up money. When mentioned that Moses Chan had pointed out that winning this award was even more happier than winning an acting award, Linda laughingly said that she wants 'Leading Actress' awards and 'Character' awards, but commercial awards enrich the wallet.

Credits: to hyn5@http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com