[News/Pics] #17 Grace Chan Crowned Miss Hong Kong 2013

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2013 final was held last night. #17 Grace Chan seized the Miss HK title and two other awards. As for Grace winning the "Most Popular Media Award", TVB announced the general assembly will no longer be computing that award. Grace Chan got over half of the audience's vote (61.5%); "Miss Gossip" Tammy Ou-Yang was in 8th place on the votes due to her negative image; #16 Peggy Tsui was in last place.

Winners List
Miss Hong Kong 2013: Grace Chan (#17)
First Runner-Up: Sisley Choi (#15)
Second Runner-Up: Moon Lau (#6)
Miss Photogenic: Grace Chan (#17)
Miss Friendship: Tammy Ou-Yang (#13)
Tourism Ambassador Award: Grace Chan (#17)

After last year's experience of a server crash in the voting system, causing TVB to be a laughing stock, this year the company learned their lesson and announced the poll had been closed 30 minutes before the final started. The audience and judges took up half of the score calculation and TVB immediately announced the scores once calculated.

Voter Count
Total Voters: 282,531
Total Votes: 534,810
1) Grace Chan - 171,478 votes.
2) Sisley Choi - 110,006 votes.
3) Moon Lau - 64,871 votes.

Miss HK Grace Chan is a 22 year old university graduate. She stands at 5 feet, 4 inches, weighs 87 pounds and measurements are 30-22-33. There were discussions all along that she is too skinny and suspected she got plastic surgery. To prove the rumor wrong, Grace took out a picture from her childhood. Last night Grace had a steady performance. When celebrity voter Eric Tsang asked her about her wealthy background, teasing that she lives in a 5,000 square feet big home, but that's just middle class to her. Grace stressed the big home belongs to her grandmother and that her family isn't well off. The most important is to be rich inside. Grace's ambition is to become a TV program host and a successful artist.

First runner up is 22 year old Sisley Choi, a student. She is 5 feet, 4.5 inches tall and her measurements are 30-24-33. Her ambition is to live a amazing life; Her principle in life is to be a straightforward and upright person. Eric asked among the contestants, who does she think is the best at disguising herself? Sisley directly said she thinks Tammy Ou-Yang is "very fake" because she is good at imitation.

Second runner up Moon Lau is a 23 year old project manager, she is 5 feet 8.5 inches tall and her measurements are 33.5-24-35. Moon was one of the popular picks before the final, but barely made it in 4th place. When Dodo Cheng asked her until age 22 she hasn't dated anyone, Moon smiled and said she had been dating her piano since the age of 3. Relationships are about fate, just as long as she dates a good person.

Last night, the judges included Raymond Lam and Linda Chung. Raymond met the contestants before the final and at the final last night, he thought their images were comparable with his impression before. Linda expressed the winner Grace Chan had an outstanding performance, she was calm and had a generous smile.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net